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Finding a Balance When the Buck Stops Here. And Also Here.


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App Store Optimization Strategies

There are 2,000,000 apps and counting on the iOS App Store. There are thousands of similar apps overwhelming every single category and subcategory.

With so much competition out there, not doing everything to get your app featured higher in the App Store’s search function means that you are losing money hand over fist.


Two Teenage Dropouts With $3,000 and No Business Training Could Be Building the Next Apple

Tradition says what they’re doing shouldn’t work. They’re too young, have no leadership training or outside funding, and weren’t the pioneers in their industry. Yet now they are the experts and are building something remarkable that could be the next Apple.


Appster’s co-founds are 13th in Top 50 male entrepreneurs under 40

Each year, Startup Daily publishes its Top 50 male entrepreneurs list, recognising the talent and achievements of young men creating startup companies.

Much like our Top 50 female entrepreneurs list published in March, we use a wide set of metrics in putting this list together.


NO VENTURE CAPITAL NEEDED (OR WANTED!) Josiah Humphrey’s interview on NBC

A pair of young Australians create a $10m app business from their college savings.  And they’re hiring like mad in San Francisco.

Originally published on NBC Bay Area-press:here


Australian startup Appster is teaching schoolkids how to code

Australian mobile app development company Appster has partnered up with a Tasmanian high school to create a new course which teaches kids to code and build apps.

Australia’s tech bosses, including Freelancer CEO Matt Barrie and Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes, have said kids need to be taught computer science while at school.


Appster: 22 hours per job interview but it pays off

Finding the right person to fit a particular role, while ensuring they suit the company’s culture, can be complicated

Companies often use recruitment agencies to find the best person for their positions but others, such as mobile app and web development company Appster, spend up to 22 hours to secure the best fit.


Finding a Balance When the Buck Stops Here. And Also Here.

Mark McDonald and Josiah Humphrey are not terribly concerned with conventional wisdom. The men, Australian entrepreneurs, started developing and optimizing websites as teenagers, skipped college and started their web and mobile app company, Appster, in 2011 when they were not yet 20.


BRW Most Innovative Companies 2014: 27. Appster

The team at TransportMe asked the question, “Can we use technology to change the way passengers and drivers interact over booking a ride? Can the process of bus commuting be simplified, made easier, secure and more efficient for everyone?”

The objectives were to develop an easy to use, interactive app which allowed drivers and passengers to book and pay for travel without waiting in queue.


“There’s not much humility in their vision: they say openly they want to do what Henry Ford did to cars, or what Rockefeller did for oil.

They want Appster to be the ideas development hub of the world.”

Only the best engineers: “Applying for a job at app-building company Appster, seems a little like applying for a high-security-clearance government job.”

Their audacious vision is to help transform the most innovative and challenging ideas into reality, by becoming the leading technical co-founder for entrepreneurs.

Appster has [over] 110 employees, and they are adding 50 to 60 employees this quarter. With an office in San Francisco, and they have a team of executives and board members that includes the former chief financial officer of PayPal, David Jaques.


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