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What are Web Apps & SaaS?

A web app is an application that runs on your browser. A good example is gmail. Unlike a website, a web app is about user interaction; as a matter of fact, most popular products today are built as web applications. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a business model most often used in enterprise space, although there are numerous consumer products operating as SaaS – for example the highly successful Silicon Valley startup Dropbox.

SaaS is practically a subscription business model, where users pay recurring fees for ability to use your product. It can be a highly profitable, predictable and secure business model… if executed the right way.

Iterative Design and Development

We often work on innovative ideas with often unproven business models or markets, that means we also have to approach them as such. Rather than following a prescripted textbook plans or execute on guesstimates, we test each idea, feature and functionality iteratively, engaging users early, gathering real feedback to ensure your success is not in the hands of chance.

Scalability, Performance and Security

Prototype is the first step towards building the next big thing. However it’s usually right after your prototype succeeds when things start to go wrong.

With growing userbase keeping your app’s performance high is increasingly difficult and security issues can prove to be fatal. Many initially successful products failed due to their inability to scale with growing user base.

At Appster we believe your project will be the next big thing and we approach it as such. That means we focus on building architectures that can scale reliably and we put extra emphasis on making your app as secure as it gets.

Our team can draw from experience in building many high-growth apps, cumulatively reaching tens of millions of users and multi-million dollar valuations.

UX/UI Design

Building a product users will love is incredibly important in today’s market. Users are constantly bombarded with new products and their attention span is shorter than ever before. What really makes a difference between a product users fall in love with and the ones they forget about instantly is how they experience it and how easy it is to get the value they seek from it.

User Experience or UX is an umbrella term that covers product design disciplines such as user research, usability testing, prototyping, development, service design and delivery and more.

In practice, we carry out a research with your customers and use the knowledge to design a product based based around their needs.

Lean Analytics

A success a of a new product depends on many factors and sometimes even the best ideas with great user experiences fail. The reasons often lie in following the wrong metrics.

For example, your product may solve a problem and it can be engaging but the problem may not be big enough for customers to pay for it. Or you might come up with a great product people fall in love at first sight, but one or two missing elements may cause they are simply not triggered to come back and use it again.

At Appster, we are very careful about learning how users interact with your product and we aim to find all possible business flaws while it’s time to correct them.

Iteratively, we develop products that succeed in the marketplace and by eliminating costly errors early in the process we save our customers their time and their money.

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