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Let's raise capital Let's price your app Let's market your app Let's build your app

App Development in Atlanta – We’re close to you

Appster is proud to say that from August 2014, we’re a part of the vibrant and fast growing startup landscape in Atlanta! We’re here to help companies and startups in Georgia build disruptive apps with amazing and addictive user experience. As one of World’s fastest growing app developers we’re bringing an experience in developing some of the top grossing apps and startups with multi-million dollar valuations.

Members of our team are some of the best iOS, Android and Web developers, product managers and designers with years of experience. However, we’re not just about building your app and getting paid – what we’re excited about the most is helping startups build real business with effective business model. For that reason we invest incredible amount of time and resources in researching and developing cutting-edge methodologies in areas like virality, user retention, engagement, fundraising and business models. All to help our clients become the next big thing.

Please note all workshops are conducted in our charming San Francisco office. Please call our inquiry office in Atlanta, phone: 844Appster, for more details.


  • Appster was our first choice, they are hardworking and reliable. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

    Hamish Blake Hamish & Andy

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