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  • Building a Fast Growth
    Lean Startup

  • Lean Canvas: Getting
    Focused on your Vision

  • Lean Analytics: Critical Numbers
    for your Business Model

  • Branding and Product

  • User Acquisition

  • Lean Startup 101: How to learn
    from companies like AirBnB that used Lean Startup to grow exponentially

  • Bootstraping: Building
    a Lean & Mean Company

  • Equity and Debt

  • Crowd Funding and
    R&D Funds
Building incredible startups begins with an Incredible Idea. However in order to get the first iteration of the product to market it’s critical that you are able to secure initial funding, that process is often confusing and frustrating for startup entrepreneurs. At Appster, we benchmarked successful clients that had raised capital successfully and built high valuation businesses over the years and condensed lessons down into a powerful 2 day course called Startup Ready. Packed full of real action steps for raising capital and building a fastgrowth startup

We take you to the top

Venture Tech


Angel Investment
of $300 – 500K

Series A Investment
of $1 – 5M
You’ll learn how to take an idea, build a rock solid business case using the Lean Startup framework as well as feel confident in marketing your product with our sessions on user acquisition and growth hacking. Finally we focus on 9 core methods to raise capital in The United States today for a startup (not traditional business) ranging from angel investors, incubators through to R&D funds. You’ll complete 10 sessions and leave with enough knowledge to be ready to take an idea about build a company.

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