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5 Mobile App Development Trends to be Aware of

So far, 2015 has been an eventful year in the mobile app development industry. Along with Chrome app development and Facebook app developer services, there are some significant changes that should be witnessed by the start of the next year. And, many individuals are looking forward to what’s coming next. Forrester Research recently published a series of studies regarding mobile app development and the amount of revenue that could be generated by the end of 2015. It goes without saying that the app and software development market is very competitive, yet highly lucrative. And more people are joining in to ensure that creativity is at its highest. With that being said, the following five (5) trends should continue throughout the remainder of 2015 and into 2016:

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Android overtakes iOS market share – As a mobile OS, android has not yet reached its peak and continues to rise as a popular mobile app platform. This has been evidenced by Google’s recent accomplishments with the Chrome OS. More importantly, Apple is now being threatened with the loss of its iPad market share before year’s end. As of the end of 2014, Android had a market share of over 80% and that figure should continue to increase into 2016.

The application “WOW” factor – A growing trend in the app development industry is the use of parallax scrolling. This helps to improve the overall user experience as well as the visual appeal. When you consider the importance of depth and movement with your business app, parallax scrolling becomes a very useful tool for:

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Improved cloud applications – Cloud applications are typically a hybrid of traditional desktop and web apps. It offers certain benefits such as an offline mode, a quicker response, and a richer experience for the users. You can quickly record your screen or take a screen shot. Plus, it allows the user to upload and share files quickly and effortlessly. By the end of 2015, cloud apps will be written directly onto the cloud; while providers will offer hosting services for future cloud apps.

Native app popularity will decline – With the advent of newer platforms throughout the app development industry; we should be seeing some drastic changes. The decline of native app popularity will most likely be attributed to web app’s expanding capabilities. Specifically within the global business community, designers and developers working with the mobile platform’s versatility will be cautious of the dangers involved with native apps. That is what experts say, that native apps might be a thing of the past.

A new breed of connected objects will arise – In recent years, we have seen captivating apps such as Google’s Nest (smart appliance maker) and a smoke detector app that can easily be controlled with your smartphone. With the advancements and improvements in mobile app technology, we will see app and software connected objects rise to another level. Plus game consoles and smart TV’s that will provide more bang for your buck, with connected objects such as wearable technologies and household appliances. Apps will bring in the desired changes in the future.

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