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Meet the Co-Founders


    Mark McDonald

    Don’t let his hipster hair fool you. It’s not a style statement; he just works too hard to have time to brush it. He is the co-founder of the company and in charge of pushing our business model forward. An expert programer, he helps lead the team to success and spends his spare time reading classic literature and comic books.


    Josiah Humphrey

    Co-founder of Appster and the biggest lover of Chinese food. In charge of flying out to meet our biggest clients face to face, rumors are he’s built up more air miles than an astronaut. He can show you exactly how your app can change the marketplace.

Luke Naeem
Account Executive

Luke is an accomplished, seasoned consultant with exceptional relationship building qualities. An expert in mobile and web technology determined to help clients find solutions to achieve their desired outcome. He is passionate about delivering outright driven solutions utilizing a Minimum Viable Product approach. He has a deep interest in Finance technology and in his spare time he goes spearfishing.

Thomas Szmidel
Product Strategist

Thomas is a Growth Strategist at Appster, he works to turn our client ideas into planned out concepts. He prides himself in taking his clients on a interactive and casual journey on their way to creating groundbreaking and disruptive apps!
Educated in Information Systems & Commerce and with a background in telecommunications and software. He brings a user centric focus to the projects he works on. In his downtime he enjoys testing new technology and being a shameless Apple Fanboy!

Vincent De Stefano
VP of Sales APAC

A strategic innovator with a focus on the total client journey, Vince is a true multi-channel sales professional with almost 20 years experience. With a passion and flair for developing high performance sales teams and delivering exceptional customer service, Vince believes that fostering a happy team culture is the key to business success. His ideology forms the cornerstone of Appster’s brand which delivers world-class app development and innovative outcomes – all with an unparalleled customer experience.

Chris Maher
Account Executive

Chris Maher is a half-breed. Half technical, Half business savvy. He has extensive experience in market research, decision making analytics and has been a trusted advisor to executives at some of Australia’s largest corporates. Almost paradoxically he has extensive knowledge of software quality methodology. This fusion allows him to assist clients to find best of breed solutions, design MVPs and go-to-market strategies that get results. He’s a product strategist you want on your team.

Client Services

Samantha is a vibrant member of our Client Services team whose daily focus is to facilitate the vital connection between our excited clients and our experienced sales team.
With an extensive background in events, media and communications, Samantha is well equipped to smooth any speed bumps in client services that are often disguised as concerns or issues. She is happy to help solve any problems where she can!

Samantha is also a well established and openly proud Nutella addict.

Chellie May
Project Manager

Chellie May is an experienced IT professional with nearly a decade under her belt. With a background in software engineering, quality assurance as well as product management she has been a catalyst behind hugely successful international tech startups. Today she focuses on internal projects as well as maintaining Appster’s core systems to keep our business humming as we scale globally.
She is also running Disruptive Startup Organisation, you can easily spot her in our Disruptive Startup meetups.

Thomas Wilding
Product Strategist

Tom is a Product Strategist with an awesome background in Software Engineering, who wants to be the catalyst that turns your idea into an explosive and disruptive app made to rock the mobile app world. His hobby of being the best at slaying internet dragons brings a funky perspective to the design table.

Esther Humphrey
Product Strategist

Esther has worked at Appster for nearly 3 years and built up a team of product strategists who take on all kinds of exciting projects. Having worked on over 200 different concepts herself, she is passionate about fleshing out ideas and building them into businesses that have the best chance of success. Esther is inspired by what technology is going to do for the world and wants to be involved with it in every way possible.

Mathew Barker
Account Executive

Mathew (Mat, yes with just one ‘t’), is a seasoned sales professional with a deep understanding of extracting clients needs, pivoting raw ideas into market focused solutions and determining your least investment strategy to hit the market with.
Mat is here to have a relaxed, in depth conversation with you about your idea and will work with you to turn your dream into a reality.  

Chris Moretta
Account Executive

Chris is a well rounded consultant with over 10 years of client management experience. He is very passionate about innovative ideas & working with clients to achieve their desired outcome, utilising a Minimum Viable Product approach. Hailing from the UK, Chris has a keen interest in motorsport & also football (played with a round ball!). Further note, feel free to start a conversation about 80’s music – Chris’ guilty pleasure!!

Sam Hoda
Market Dynamics Analyst

Sam is a Market Dynamics Analyst at Appster with a background in engineering and consulting and extensive experience in market research and business development. His main focus is on Market Validation, making sure that each one of our clients has the right product for the right customer in the right market. When he’s not busy validating stuff or looking at different markets, he could find himself wrapped in a plastic bag with a torch strapped to his head going up the Himalayas with snow in his face at 5 in the morning, but that’s a story for another time.