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“Appster has delivered some of the most innovative and advanced applications in Australia and their experience and passion has been at the heart of our partnership.”
-Filip Eldric and Emil Davityan, Founders of Bluedot

The Dramatic Pivot

Today, Bluedot is fast on its way to becoming ‘the Google of geolocation services’, changing the face of location-based global commerce and providing game-changing products for an appreciative world. But to explain their extraordinary journey with Appster, it’s best to start at the beginning…

Achieving ‘The Impossible’

We first sat down with Filip in 2012 to discuss his intriguing idea of creating a new billing platform for toll roads. His concept involved using a mobile phone to extract an automatic and instantaneous payment as vehicles passed through precisely defined toll areas (thereby offering a simple alternative to standard e-tag systems). If it could be properly executed, the worldwide revenue potential for this product would be massive. Filip and Emil were told by over a dozen IT professionals (including a high–profile exec from one of the world’s biggest software firms) that this idea was impossible.


Appster has delivered some of the most innovative and advanced applications in Australia and their experience
and passion has been at the heart of our partnership.

A Breakthrough in Location Services

Our initial aim was to develop a project based around Filip’s plan to create the world’s first mobile tolling platform. In order to achieve this, it would be necessary to surpass the current industry standard for both geographical precision and battery drain, and in essence, completely change the way geofencing and location services work.

Using Bluedot’s IP, Appster engineers crafted a new method for combining the functionality of the GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi chipsets found in most smartphones to greatly enhance the precision of location awareness, while at the same time causing no significant additional battery drain.

Gate Triggering Success

Appster was able to enhance existing technologies in location services, making it possible for mobile phones to trigger instant paymemts from known account details when users passed through defined areas such as the entrances to toll roads (and even individual lanes of road systems).

Appster Introduces Non-Linear Battery Drain

A number of our competitors had tried, but none could achieve location accuracy to less than 100 meters because of the intense battery drain caused when location services are accessed and used by mobile phones.

Bluedot’s battery drain is nearly unquantifiable as our technology introduces, for the very first time, non-linear battery drain. On some days this drain may even be nonexistent.

Bluedot’s Exciting Ride

The initial project concept to create a convenient mobile toll payment platform progressed, through Appster’s development expertise, to a substantial enhancement of existing location services technology, opening up whole new markets for Blue dot and its founders. Fast forward 18 months, and this is what’s happening with our friends at Bluedot:

  • Blue dot was named ‘a potential billion-dollar Startup’ by Jana Matthews (world expert on entrepreneurial business growth).
  • David Jaques, the Founding CFO of PayPal, took an equity stake and came aboard as a Director.
  • Bluedot was named ‘Best Australian Startup of 2014’ at the Global Talent Unleashed Awards judged by Sir Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak.
  • Bluedot has attracted a $1 Billion Founder, and raised $3 million.

Bluedot and Appster: The Result

Bluedot has emerged as an absolute leader in their market. Teaming with Appster’s world-class development team, they refused to accept the ‘impossibility’ of their idea, and now offer products and services that most of their competitors cannot even come close to matching.

Thanks to their rapid growth, Bluedot now features prominently in the media and is attracting interest from around the world, further raising its profile and cementing its position as ‘Australia’s next billion-dollar Startup’. Bluedot took a great idea aimed at a high-potential market, achieved product execution well beyond initial expectations and are now well on their way to becoming the industry leaders in global geolocation services.

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