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Facebook is huge, for mobile in particular.

A few months ago, it passed one billion mobile daily active users. Over the years it has become a significant app marketing channel and, not surprisingly, its app install revenue is booming.

At the same time, there are over two million apps in the App Store.

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Thomas Szmidel / January 17

Entrepreneurs, Your Body’s A Project Too

Managing a high-growth startup is a massive mental and physical drain. You’re putting every piece of yourself into creating something out of nothing.

Every day we read about overnight startup rock stars in the tech media. What they don’t show us, however, is the burn that is occurring along that growth trajectory.

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API’s or Application Programming Interfaces are bridges between what you want to build in your app and another service – they are the modern app building blocks. Before API’s became commonplace, we used to build every function inside an app, but now we can outsource some of the work to specialists.

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Thomas Szmidel / January 3

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While booking your startup, you need to limit your spending on all fronts! Most founders either take no salary or a tiny one that allows them to eat and live. But when adding up the costs in Xero, I often see quickly that in the product development phase, it’s death by a thousand cuts.

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Most people associated startups with rapid growth and big fat salaries for founders. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth and sometimes comes as a shock when I describe it to clients. I’ve outlined the key points that people miss below.

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Fundraising for your pre-seed, seed or Series A onwards is a massive task. Lots of hands to shake, coffees to sip and emails to send. Founders take months of planning to secure even the smallest of financing rounds from venture capitalists.

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Thomas Szmidel / November 18

Why You Don’t Want Investment Early Stage

I’ve written a lot about the positives of early stage investment and there  is a ton of it around. But I’ve never seen a blog about the negative effect of raising cash from professional “smart money” investors. I want to preface this with the fact that there are tons of positives as well and it shouldn’t turn you off trying.  

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Most founders start with a blank canvas, meaning they’ve got no previous company exists or experiences in the space. And there is nothing wrong with that as people are not born understanding the meanings of the million sector specific words that make up the startup lexicon.

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Thomas Szmidel / November 15

What’s Your Niche?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, I know it’s cliche but it rings so true. Rome started as an MVP (minimal viable product) with one town and ended up as an empire. This same model can be applied to every notable company out there.

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