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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

From the very beginning, Appster has been inspired by the most successful tech companies of our era: Microsoft, Google, Apple and other innovators that have taken amazing ideas and turned them into world-changing success stories. Our ambitions are equally lofty – we’re working tirelessly around the globe to make Appster an unprecedented development hub where the most incredible ideas and entrepreneurial visionaries can flourish.

For us, ideas are everything. Ideas propel the human race forward, spur technological advances to new heights and provide innovations that have the power to alter our world.

But even the finest ideas need experts to transform them into reality. At Appster, our vision is to become the world’s first Global Ideas Company, bringing world-class execution and innovation to a rapidly changing planet. That’s why our brand is built around 3 core concepts:

1. Crowdsourced Idea Gathering

Our goal at Appster is to crowdsource the most incredible ideas and innovations and partner them with the right people to make them happen. We empower everyday people to build tech companies and ‘disruptive’ products even if they don’t have a technical or programming background. We make entrepreneurship more accessible to anyone with a brilliant vision.

We are in the process of opening offices in 42 countries around the world. Our global teams will connect with startups, inventors and innovators who have amazing ideas and are looking for an execution partner.

Through AppsterLabs, we partner with clients to build exceptional products, and we also launch one disruptive tech company per year through our venture arm: Appster[X]. We thrive on working with high-growth companies that view true innovation as an essential ingredient in business.

You provide the idea, and we supply the creative expertise to execute development – with you in complete control of decision-making at every step of the way.

2. Centralised Execution

Appster provides a deep level of subject matter expertise and specialist skill that is simply unavailable to typical startups. To get off the ground, startups would need a lifetime of learning and millions in funding to achieve the kind of development quality and product marketing savvy that Appster provides as the mainstay of its business.

We believe that many of mankind’s greatest breakthroughs never happen simply because the visionary doesn’t know how to execute the plan and bring it to fruition. An awesome concept needs a proven team to develop it – and that’s where many great ideas fall by the wayside.

Economical reality tells us that 95% of small business ventures fail within the first 5 years. But when a superb, unique idea finally succeeds, it’s the most amazing feeling on earth – and strong execution is the key factor in these successes.

Our culture at Appster is based around flexibility, collaboration, transparency, hiring in the top 5% for specialist skills and having respect for client vision. We embrace an innovative Agile development framework that enables us to build exceptional software products that get results.

At Appster, we’re constantly expanding. We have a Development Centre branch in Gurgaon, India with an Australian CTO, and will soon be expanding into new areas of growth, including hardware, global connectivity, medical innovation, alternative energy and much more. As technology changes and improves, we’ll continue to stretch the boundaries of what is possible in product creation.

3. Global Arbitrage

The world is a global marketplace – not just for products, but for ideas. We appreciate the fact that the world’s most innovative concepts can originate from all corners of the globe. We understand that all the puzzle pieces might stem from many sources, and we choose not to be limited by geographical barriers. Whether that means sourcing tech talent in India, programmic media buying in Europe or seeking investors in the US, we believe our global reach puts is in a unique position to work toward building the world’s first truly global ‘Ideas Company’.

Want to Join Us?

We’re always looking for talented people looking to work towards our mission. If you’re a high performance person with the ambition to become the best in the world at what you do, then you’ll find a home at Appster.

So what have we accomplished so far?

Appster has grown over 2000% in 3 years, and plans to scale operations to 42 countries and become a billion dollar a year company.

We’ve hired over 400 staff for our offices in New York, San Francisco, Melbourne and Gurgaon, India. Our developers are regularly benchmarked in the top 5% of their technology.

We created the initial technology and prototype for the Bluedot geo-payments system, pioneering battery drain reduction methods and getting accuracy within 1 meter (previously thought impossible). This resulted in the signing of the CFO of PayPal as a director and a $6 million valuation in just 9 months. This project received a substantial investment by Commercialization Australia and was called ‘a potential billion dollar startup’ by The Australian newspaper.

We helped a transport company replace their $3-$5,000 ticketing systems with an iPad-based system that resulted in vastly improved insights into consumer trends and patterns on routes, by tapping into consumer analytics – a solution now adopted by several companies around the world.

Where Are We Headed To Next?

It’s easy for us to talk about the vision 10-30 years from now, but to bring things into perspective here’s where we are headed in the next 3-5 years…

We are not an app developer. Our name is ‘Appster’ and yes, right now we primarily develop ‘apps’ but really for the next 3-5 years, we will be a software company. And wherever software goes (Google Glass, Wearable Technologies, etc) that’s where our capability will follow.

We’ve set a goal to: “Become the best in the world at Software Execution in the next 3-5 years.”

We will be working with the best thought leaders and software engineers in the world to constantly innovate on our process of execution and make this a reality.

But our vision goes far beyond that.

We want Appster to be a global brand that the world’s next Jobs or Zuckerberg to build their first prototype through us. If that excites you, then you’ll love working for or working with Appster.