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Appster is a full-scale development firm with offices in Australia and the US. Our team has experience in iOS, Android, Web and Server-side technologies and works with truly disruptive startups as their technology execution partner.

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Just like Henry Ford did with cars or Rockefeller did with the oil refinery industry, we’re going to do the same with IDEAS, and become the world’s first global ideas company.

The way we see it, it is IDEAS that push the human race forward. It is IDEAS that advance technology. It is IDEAS that provide innovations that can change the world. We believe that by cultivating the ideas of visionaries, entrepreneurs and innovators around the world, we can help create the next 100 years of technological breakthroughs.

And that’s why the Appster Brand is built around two key concepts.

Our Development

Disruption & Innovation

One day soon, Appster will become a global brand synonymous with disruption and innovation, we work with some of the greatest ideas and innovations in the world. This will start in software but eventually expand into hardware, green technology, engineering, medical innovation, housing… anything is possible.

Over the next few years, we are opening 42 offices around the world to connect with entrepreneurs, inventors and visionaries with incredible ideas seeking an execution partner. In building the global brand that is known for Innovation and Disruption, these 42 offices, or what we like to call ‘dream catchers’, are how we will attract great ideas on a global scale and partner with them for execution.

Appster’s Vision